david lomnychuckIn 2010, David Lomnychuk decided that it was time for local cleaning services to offer luxurious extras that would make clients feel valued. Lomnychuk launched his business, David’s Cleaning Service .  His vision was simple, but effective: provide cleaning services that go above and beyond the basic services to highlight the benefits of David’s Cleaning over other local cleaning businesses.

To this day, David’s Cleaning offers those little extras that make the decision easy for both homeowners and commercial clients who need cleaning services. On the residential side, David’s Cleaning clients can expect to see a complimentary piece of chocolate on their pillow after a cleaning. The company’s 360-Degree Guarantee ensures that homes are sparkling when homeowners arrive after a cleaning – from the inside of the microwave to the windowsills.

On the commercial side, David’s Cleaning sticks with its ABC Cleaning Program that ensures a thorough office cleaning every time. David’s Cleaning understands that cleanliness in a commercial setting has a significant impact on how a company is viewed by its visiting clients, and the ABC Cleaning Program helps to avoid missing areas that may be overlooked by other cleaning services. All exterior surfaces and Bathrooms are cleaned, and the additional Cleaning Service focuses on replenishing paper products, cleaning windows, and cleaning the exterior components of HVAC systems.

Motivated by a philosophy that doing business in a community necessitates giving back to the people who help the business thrive, David’s Cleaning Service has partnered with Cleaning For a Reason to help women fighting cancer by providing free cleaning services. Women who are undergoing cancer treatment can apply for free cleaning services through Cleaning For a Reason.

Total Real Estate acquisition with Improvements project: $195,000

Banking Partner: Vist Tompkins Bank

SBA Portion: $84,000