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J Wise & Company a demolition service company established in 2010 by entrepreneur Jonathan Wise.  As the company grows it also has diversified; a nonunion demolition division, a surface mining division and more recently snow removal division.  J Wise services the North eastern region primarily Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York.

snow removalThey support the highest safety standards in the industry, utilizing the MSHA (Mine Safety & Health Administration) standards which are higher than OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) standards.  Jon also requires employees to wash trucks weekly and to keep a spotless worksite.  He believes demolition contractors in general provide a very poor impression with dirty vehicles, jobsites and overall appearances to reverse that trend.  J Wise & Company also resells the debris from their demolition work, providing a reuse and recycling of materials, this provides an additional income stream, reduces expenses in waste and an excellent business model for the environment.  Jonathon invested in a business home for J Wise & Company in 2016 with an SBA 504 loan, only having to put 10% down on the project.

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Total Project $430,000demolition

Partnering Lender – Community First Fund

SBA Loan Amount – $179,000