Success Stories

Auction Time Bid Board

Auction Time Bid Board, an Auction House formerly known as Blum’s Bid Board, has been in business since 2005.  Growing out of her existing leased location, this 100% women owned business was also experiencing the added threat of sale and demolition of her space at the failing Schuylkill Mall.
The owner worked quickly to find a local facility large enough to relocate her 75,000 sq. ft. Auction House.  Moving can be expensive, fortunately the business only needed 10% down for the real estate acquisition.  The relocation was only 14 miles away, with stronger visibility from the main road, easy on/off accessibility and the benefit of being closer to major highway interchanges. The new 154,000 sq. ft. facility provided much needed additional space to grow plus existing tenants that were eager to stay. Bid Board was to utilize over 51% of the total square footage, making the 504 loan program a viable option.
PCDfc proudly assists Small Business Borrowers, like Bid Board, take advantage of low down payment and low 20 year term fixed interest rates!
For those unfamiliar with a Bid Board Auction House, check out Auction Time’s website to learn more.

Second Annual Albert Boscov Community Leader Recognition Award Recipient

In memory of Albert Boscov, founder and former Chairman of The Pennsylvania Community Development and Finance Corporation (PCDfc), Carolyn Fry was presented the Second Community Leader Recognition Award.
The Community Leader Recognition Award represents a PCDfc borrower, a citizen who is passionate for making a difference in social, civic and entrepreneurial efforts within the community, and a person with integrity and wisdom. Carolyn embodies these characteristics in her Monthly support of non profits setting up food stands at Auction Time Bid Board.  To bring in more community focus, feed hungry bidders, and raise funds for local charities. Carolyn has a strong belief in if you support the community, they will support you. This approach has raised over $10,000 in 1 year (2018).
Giving back to the community was an element that the late Albert Boscov embraced and PCDfc is delighted to honor Carolyn with the 2019 Albert Boscov Community Leader Recognition Award.  Congratulations to Carolyn!

2018 Award Winner-David’s Cleaning Service