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Char’s – Tracy Mansion

chars.tmansion. Char’s – Tracy Mansion is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Char Magaro began conversations with Susquehanna Realtors in 2006 about creating a riverside attraction in the Capital City. The project was approved in 2007, but then material prices soared and the economy entered a recession. IP information Interest waned in condos initially planned for part of the mansion; Magaro struggled to sell her Shipoke location; restaurant financing was more than difficult, with some banks even declining to hear Magaro’s proposal. In 2011 the Pennsylvania Community Development and Finance Corporation connected Magaro with Milestone Bank based out of Buck’s County; Milestone believed in the $2 million project enough to partner on financing.

Today Char Magaro’s challenges have turned to prosperity.  In her new location Char’s – Tracy Mansion is the only restaurant in Harrisburg situated on the lovely Susquehanna River. Built in 1913, the mansion has regained its long-lost elegance as this American Brasserie.

char.foodOverlooking the river, The Dining Room serves as the perfect showcase for Chef Ron Canady’s celebrated menu. The warm, convivial Bar features Sal Pantano’s spirited creations, as well as a Small Plate Menu, while the McKee Library is the perfect spot for a cocktail or to relax with after dinner drinks. Join in the Gallery – their private party room – where rotating displays of blown glass and sculptures are exhibited by artists Ona Magaro and Glenn Zwyegardt. In the warm months, the veranda is THE spot to relax with family, friends or the New York Times.

Whether it is a formal meal for a special occasion or a casual light-bite, Char’s has the menu, the atmosphere and the welcoming service to make you and your guests feel special and satisfied.


Total Real Estate and Improvements Project $1,321,000

Partnering Bank: Milestone Bank 

SBA  $500,000

Loan Funded September 2013