Success Stories

David’s Cleaning Service

In 2010, David Lomnychuk decided that it was time for local cleaning services to offer luxurious extras that would make clients feel valued. His vision was simple, but effective: provide cleaning services that go above and beyond the basic services. Lomnychuk launched his business, David’s Cleaning Service which highlighted many benefits over other local cleaning businesses.

To this day, David’s Cleaning offers additional services that make the decision easy for both homeowners and commercial clients who need cleaning services. On the residential side, David’s Cleaning clients can expect to see a complimentary piece of chocolate on their pillow after a cleaning. The company’s 360-Degree Guarantee ensures that homes are sparkling when homeowners arrive after a cleaning – from the inside of the microwave to the windowsills.

On the commercial side, David’s Cleaning sticks with its ABC Cleaning Program that ensures a thorough cleaning every time. David’s Cleaning understands that cleanliness in a commercial setting has a significant impact on how a company is viewed by its visiting clients, and the employees’ productivity, performance and well-being. The ABC Cleaning Program helps to avoid missing areas that may be overlooked by other cleaning services. All exterior surfaces and Bathrooms are cleaned, and the additional Cleaning Service focuses on replenishing paper products, cleaning windows, and cleaning the exterior components of HVAC systems.

Motivated by a philosophy that doing business in a community necessitates giving back to the people who help the business thrive, David’s Cleaning Service has partnered with Cleaning For a Reason to help women fighting cancer by providing free cleaning services. Women who are undergoing cancer treatment can apply for free cleaning services through Cleaning For a Reason.

First Recipient of the Community

Leader Recognition Award

In memory of Albert Boscov, founder of The Pennsylvania Community Development and Finance Corporation (PCDfc), Mr. David Lomnychuk was presented the first Community Leader Recognition Award.

The Community Leader Recognition Award represents a PCDfc borrower, a citizen who is passionate for making a difference in social, civic and entrepreneurial efforts withing the community, and a person with integrity and wisdom. Mr. Lomnychuk, CEO of David’s Cleaning Service, offers hassle free cleaning services while exemplifying the true entrepreneurial spirit of giving back to the community. “David is an entrepreneur not only establishing his business, but taking a business and making it excellent…having an idea and a picture of what it takes to make it something better than what the competition is doing, I can tell you  Albert would be very proud of” stated Jim Boscov, nephew of the late Albert Boscov.

Mr. Lomnychuk continues to take it a step further by giving back to the community through a number of organizations. Lomnychuk shows citizenship in the community by hiring staff from the local area, including the city of Reading. His passion for making a difference in social, civic and entrepreneurial efforts can be identified as he gives local city residents a job opportunity they might not otherwise obtain.

Lomnychuk’s Integrity and Wisdom can be easily identified through his community involvement. He is a community supporter who offers 20 hours of complimentary David’s Cleaning Service’s for cancer patients.  He was the 2017 winner Festival of Trees Fundraiser benefiting Berks Visiting Nurses – where he donated a decorated tree as part as fundraising efforts for Berks Visiting Nurses. His top fund-raising tree donated over $1,650 to the Berks Visiting Nurses – he then matched this fundraising effort with a $1,650 business donation to Hurricane Irma relief efforts. Lomnychuk is also a key fund raiser for Hope Rescue Mission’s men’s homeless shelter to renovate and upgrade their existing shelter laundry facility. Current fundraising efforts will provide for improvements to the laundry area, new commercial washers and dryers to better accommodate the large amounts of clothes and sheets. He is a Saint Francis champion, who is dedicated to providing comfort and compassionate care with dignity to people with a terminal illness in a loving, faith-based environment, regardless of ability to pay. Lomnychuk offers cleaning services to this shelter and has stock their shelves with donated cleaning and janitorial supplies. And Lomnychuck is an inspirational Mentor and Speaker for Hope Rescue Mission and Opportunity House.

Giving back to the community was an element that the late Albert Boscov embraced. It is clear that Mr. Lomnychuk emphasis a true community hero. Congratulations David!