Success Stories

Great American Popcorn Works

The perfect customer to benefit from the SBA 504 Loan. Steve, owner and operator of Great American Popcorn Works, has run his business out of Telford since 2003. When the owner of the building mentioned they were looking to sell, Steve jumped at the opportunity to purchase! But he wasn’t as prepared as he would have liked with little down money of only 10%. His banking partner was also PCDfc’s partner and very knowledgeable of the SBA 504 Loan program. This partnership allowed Steve the ability to purchase his existing building and keep production in Telford!

Steve also gained the benefit of a 25 year debenture, with fixed rates for the term of the loan. This makes his cash flow more consistent and easier to manage long term.

Be like Steve and see if a 504 Loan works for you!

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Great American Popcorn Works