Success Stories

King Shooters

facadeKing Shooters located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

King Shooters is a locally operated gun supply business run by a husband and wife team of entrepreneurs, Roger and Patricia Burris. This small business has grown substantially and should continue to grow with the purchase of their new location at 346 E. Church Road.  Prior to moving into this spacious showroom, office and warehouse space of 14,000 sq. feet, they were operating out of a 2,000 sq. feet facility, where Roger mastered the art of making cast led bullets marketed as ‘Better Bullets’.  These award winning, bullets have become a nationwide brand name in sport and competitive shooting with customers in all 50 states. King-Shooters-Supply_5

King Shooters has a strong reputation as the area’s best gun shop for selection and customer service. In their new facility they are able to showcase merchandise uncommon to most of their competition, stocked with both hunting and tactical style firearms, a wide selection of reloading supplies and their own bullet line something for everyone is represented.


Total Real Estate Acquisition with Improvements Project: $1,147,000

Banking Partner: Milestone Bank

SBA Portion: $458,800