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Zips Dry Cleaners – Jenkintown

Zips Dry Cleaners – Jenkintown, PA

IMG_1684Zips Dry Cleaners, a growing franchise in the central to Eastern PA region offers any garment dry cleaned for $2.29.

Zips Dry Cleaners claim the title of “one price dry cleaner.” Every garment, Every Day, always!  What makes this franchise awesome? Besides $2.29 a garment, (a recent increase from $1.99 effective Dec 2015), they are environmentally-forward, and all cleaning is done on premise so garments in by 9 are out by 5.  Eco-friendly non-Perc organic dry cleaning solvents are used in a non-immersion process that reduces the amount of solvent required in the dry cleaning process, reducing the total quantities of on-site solvents by 75% or more than a typical dry cleaning operation.  Further a triple redundant safety standard is built into their process, with store managers and franchise owners certified on proper environmental procedures.  Additional the little eco-friendly features that add up, hanger recycling and the garment bags used are 100% biodegradable, using 50% less plastic.

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The principal has benefited with long term fixed rates and Renewable Energy Production guidelines by using solar energy.  These guidelines expand an Entrepreneur to borrow up to $5,500,000 per project.

Total project $2,125,663


Partnering Bank – Bancorp Bank

SBA Loan amount – $754,000